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Your business is depending on your employees’ innovative brainsets. Brain it!

"Forstå Fremtiden" is inspiring businesses to internalize new technology faster and smarter

Copenhagen is taking a stand regarding women in technology, innovation, and business

If you are a typical Danish company you rely on realism, critical sense and conventional thinking from your employees. This is what most of us

have been training for our entire lives. The downside is that it is stopping your business from being truly innovative. Fortunately, we have come a long way in order to understand how our brains operates, thus helping ourselves to strengthen our disruptive and diverging paths of thinking.


Book a training workshop about the innovative brainsets, and let your business become a success.


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Technology plays a major role in the well-being of our society. "Understand the future" is a book by Jannick B Pedersen and Anders Hvid, two futuristic technologists. They lead us into a technological and digital age where robots, artificial intelligence,

and more are becoming quite normal. Anders Hvid is part of IIT, the alliance of disruptive consultancies, and leading the technology part of innovation yin-yang.


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CURIE is the first network of its kind focusing on ambitious women in Copenhagen area who are interested in new technology, business development and innovation! In this network you will find the brightest, and the most ambitious women of our times. You will find women who is on a mission to change the world to the better. This is a network where you find giant geeks in high heels. If you would like to know more please visit


We want women to make the most out of their innovative potential.



Innovation with a female touch


Women interested in business, technology, and innovation are coming together shaping Copenhagen's most interesting network.





Susanne Odgaard, founder of Institute of Innovative Thinking

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